Tea Hometown
Wazuka, Kyoto
Japanese number one Hand fir tea
Hosoi Farm

I only drink tea
Made by a farm owner full of tea love
Top quality tea
From tea plantations and tea factories
The fam owner wholeheartedly
We will deliver the supreme taste and aroma.
I started for my beloved daughter
Blueberry cultivation
It became surprisingly delicious.

About Hosoi Farm

A tea farmer who has been a tea farmer for 5 generations in Wazuka, Kyoto, the main production area of Uji tea.
The owner of the farm is known for his tea fools who only drink tea.
The current farm owner who loves such tea will deliver tea sticking to everything from tea plantation to cultivation and
tea making.

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Tea plantation tourism and tea experience

It is a guide of tea plantation tourism and tea experience.
We offer three different experiences below.
You can click on each photo to see the details.

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Digital Collaboration in Wazuka town

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